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What are Oracle Cards?

As you can see Oracle Cards can have many themes which gives them a more personal feel. How they are read and the messages they give may be simple or complicated depending on the choice of deck.

Layouts and Readings

Layouts can be very simple or quite complex depending on the reading you chose.

This is a 6 month view of a yearly card layout using two decks for a prescriptive view of the year to come. A predictive analysis (or prediction) of the year ahead may give you an idea of what is to come and then you may allow yourself to just let it happen as opposed to a prescriptive analysis where your given information about what your inquiry is and then you make choices based on the information your given. So you are in control of what you do with the information instead of just letting life happen to you.

Some of the decks you can chose to have your reading from:

Decks by Colette Baron-Reid:

Mystical Shaman, Spirit Animal, The Map, Postcards from Spirit, Wisdom Of The Oracle, Crystal Spirits, The Good Tarot

Decks by Kyle Gray: Keepers Of The Light, Angels and Ancestors, Angel Prayers

Animal Spirit Decks: Earth Magic, Spirit Animal, Archangel Animal, Animal Spirits, Messenger Oracle

Angel Cards: Archangel Oracle, Angel Therapy, Messages From The Guides, Guardian Angel Tarot, Oracle Of The Angels, Angels Of Abundance, Archangel Gabriel Oracle, Mother Mary Oracle.

Crystal and Energy Cards: Trust Your Vibes, Crystal Reading Cards, Energy Oracle and Lightworker Oracle.

Miscellaneous: Dragon Oracle, Dreams Of Gaia Tarot, Fairy Tarot, Wild Kuanyin Oracle, Faeries Of Kindness, Heart Of Faerie Oracle.

What is the difference between Oracle and Tarot Cards?

Tarot Vs. Oracle Cards – What Is The Difference?

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and come with a very traditional story and layout. Most often they will have 78 cards with little variation.

Oracle cards on the other hand are much freer in their message and delivery. They can also have variations on themes in the deck and the number of cards. It is based on the creator of the decks own wishes. Many are derived from channeling of spirit through the creator of the deck so they bring a very personal feel to the deck.

   Themes can be anything from Angels, Crystals, Dragons, Spirit Animals, Ascended Masters, Shaman, Elves etc. 

   Some decks may resonate with you on a personal level and others may not. An interesting reading I did recently I asked the client to chose the deck she wanted the reading from and rather than choosing ones I was comfortable with she chose a deck I had never used and another written by someone, in her words, she really never liked. But the exciting thing was the reading was quite successful and helped answer some questions and give direction to what her initial question was. So spirit has a way of getting its message through, you just have to ask.

Simple Layouts

Sometimes a simple layout is the best way to go. It will answer the question and give you direction. Even a one card reading can be quite profound.

Three card layout

A three card layout is the most commonly used layout for a reading. The three cards together can be read with variations: 

Past, Present, Future.

Your Strength, Your Heart, Your Challenge.

You, Your Path, Your Potential.

Situation, Action, Outcome. 

and many others