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How To Have The Best Reading

# 1 - Understand Why You Want A Reading

   Understanding why you want a reading is a key element in the success of a reading. Are you looking for an answer to a question so that you no longer are responsible for a decision? Is the answer to a difficult question too hard for you to bare the consequences of the outcome? Do you want permission to do something you know is right (or wrong)? 

Or are you looking for sage advice from a wise friend who has only your best interest in mind?

   If it is the last one, your ready to move on.

# 2 - Chose the form of the question wisely

Do not form the question in a yes or no fashion. Oracle cards speak through images, ideas and concepts so the idea of yes or no does not translate the same. Also when relying on yes or no, you put all the power of your future actions into the hands of the cards. The cards are friends offering advice, it is still you who acts on it, but now with the benefit of their wisdom, don't give your power away. 

# 3 - Be in a neutral state of mind before, during and after the reading

   Being in a calm and receptive mode will allow you to have your best reading. As the messages come, allow them to flow, don't worry if they all make sense in the moment often when going back and reading the notes from your session, things will fall into place. 

   Come with child like awe and listen to the possibilities. Often in the delivery of the cards message a line or two will jump out and give you an "aha" moment, while other portions may be more vague.

   You will also not want to think of what you want the answer to be. Projecting that which you want will often throw the reading off kilter. Anxiety, fear, distrust and anger need to be placed on hold and have no place in a reading. Allow the process to happen, you will be surprised how often things are spot on when you just let it flow. 

What To Expect During A Reading

   For new clients there will be a brief period for us to get to know each other a bit. Ask any questions you may have about the process that haven't been answered already.

   For those doing remote readings, have yourself in a quiet undisturbed area that you can be relaxed and focused. Turn off any cell phones or electrical items that may interfere with your session. 

  It is often helpful to light a white candle or have your favorite crystal with you.                      Aromatherapy sprays or your favorite scent can also help you relax. 

   I will also help you formulate your question for the best outcome. Sometimes a question like "what would spirit like me to know for my highest good?" is all that is needed to begin a great session. 

   You may take notes if you'd like but that is more likely to interrupt the free flow of the messages. You will receive a detailed review of the cards and messages afterwards to go back and save for future reference. 

For the actual card reading you have the option to chose which deck or author you see fit to guide you. The more I work with the decks the more I have a well rounded group of counselors and advisors to help in the process. They all have their own personalities and way of delivering messages. Some are quirky, some serious and to the point and then others more complex and cerebral. 

   Depending on the card layout you have chosen for your reading, a single deck or multiple decks may be necessary. Sometimes I will chose an additional deck to come in and provide clarity if needed. Some clients will just have me chose the decks that call to me on that occasion and that works just fine as spirit wants nothing more than to communicate and help us in the process of living our best life.


   Now that we have the cards and the question I will start with a short invocation asking spirit to work through me to provide you with their inspiration. 

   Depending on the layout and number of cards chosen readings can be from 20 to 60 minutes in length.  During that time the cards will reveal answers, directions, inspiration, guidance, insight and humor. 

   We will then thank the cards for delivering the messages and end our session.

   After your session you will be emailed a complete review of you reading including a photograph of your layout, a description of the layout and what each card position means and then the cards that landed in those positions and the resulting translation. 

   Remember the whole reading is a flow of your story and where it has been, where it is and where it is going.