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Readings may be done via telephone or email.
All readings will be followed up with a photo of your chosen cards, a description of the layout and what the positions mean and a detail description of the meaning of each card.

3 Card Layout - $40.

Approx time 20-30 minutes

Special e-mail reading $30

A three card layout involves a pre-selected grid featuring 3 situations that will be addressed as your story at this time.

Chose from a general question:

Past, Present, Highest Good or Future Outcome

Your Strength, Your Heart, Your Challenge.

You, Your Path, Your Potential.

Situation, Action, Outcome. 

Or a relationship question:

What is my story now? Why am I telling it? & How does it affect my relationship?

Nature of tension, Action to resolve & What am I learning?

Me, How the other person sees me & Potential of relationship.

Or a business/career/finance question:

Past relationship with money (career/business), Current relationship, What needs to heal?

I will often include a Spirit Animal or Angel card to see who is watching over you as you deal with the situation in question.

Your coming year layout - $100.

Approx time 60-90 minutes

Special email reading until Jan 30th. $60.

This reading involves two decks and two cards will be selected for each month.

Use one deck to see what situation or path to focus on for that month and the other for who or what may be helpful guiding you that month.

The example to the left uses the Enchanted Map as one deck for the focus of what you need to know for the month and the other deck used is an Angel deck to see who might guide you for the month and give you guidance. Others to try are the Crystal deck to learn a new crystal to help for the month or Animal Spirit Guide to ask for help and guidance from the animal realm. 

5 Card Life Purpose Spread - $60

Approx time 30-45 minutes

Special email reading - $40

Card # 1 Where am I in terms of my life purpose?

Card # 2 Where am I inspiring to be?

Card # 3 What do I have to bring to the Cosmic Table?

Card # 4 What is blocking me from stepping into my life's purpose?

Card # 5 My final destination -

7 Card Spirit Guide Spread - $75.

Approx. time 50-60 minutes

One of the most popular layouts!

Special email reading - $50

Card # 1 The Spirit Guide working with you for this reading 

(I will often bring in a deck of Angel cards or Spirit Animals for the first position)

Card # 2  Something this guide is currently helping you with

Card # 3 What your guide wants you to know at this time

Card # 4 How you can get to this place/goal

Card # 5 What is holding you back from reaching your goal

Card # 6 How you can motivate yourself to be more productive with the lesson

Card # 7 A way this lesson with show up in your life in the new future.

Here is a recent 7 card Spirit Guide layout using three Oracle decks. There are a couple extra cards I added for clarity at certain points as well.

9 Card Celtic Compass Spread - $75.

Approx. time 50-60 minutes

Special email reading $50.

This layout was designed to specifically go with Kyle Gray's Angels & Ancestors Oracle deck but can be used with other decks or multiple decks.

Card # 1 You and your energy

Card # 2  What is grounding you and providing you with focus at the moment

Card # 3 Your current thoughts and perceptions

Card # 4 Your rising desires and primal needs

Card # 5 How you really feel emotionally

Card # 6 What needs your attention and action

Card # 7 Where to direct your energy and attention

Card # 8 What you need to let go and let flow

Card # 9 The outcome of your current vibration

A recent 

Celtic Compass spread with Kyle Gray's Angels and Ancestor Oracle Cards

Due to the Covid-19 crisis so many people are in need of a message from their guides to help navigate these trying times in which the world seems to have lost its humanity. So for the foreseeable future I will be offering e-mail readings at a discounted rate. This way I can do them during calm and quiet periods here and send you a detailed message from question(s) we formulate together via email or phone. See posted discounts in red. Skype and phone readings will remain the same. I am also able to do readings here with social distancing in effect. 

Single Card Layout - $15.

Email only

Current Special rate $10.

You may request a single card reading to ask advice on a pressing issue. You may request the deck or author of the cards or allow me to chose what I think would get you the most advice from your question. I will then respond via email with photo of the deck and card chosen along with the interpretation of the message received.

Double Card Layout - $25. 

Email only

Special rate $15.

   The initial or base card will show you were you are now or the vantage point and that point changes from day to day as life experiences change us. The second card will be the path. This card will show you what to concentrate on to achieve your highest good, deal with a conflict or aid in making a decision in love, relationships or career.

   One or two decks can be used as most decks will communicate well with each other. 

   To complete the reading, a third card for clarity or a message from spirit will be chosen by me to help you on your path.

9 Card Celtic Compass Alternative Spread-

9 Card Key Aspects layout - Very complex and interesting layout. $100.